As Fischmarkt Hamburg-Altona GmbH has been managing durable real estate and offering services for an industry revolving around the natural product fish for over eighty years, its commercial activities are inherently oriented to sustainability. This fundamental approach entails the adoption of ecological, economic and social responsibility.


As confirmation for FMH’s commitment to the preservation of fish stocks, the protection of the seas as a habitat and exemplary management practices ...

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FMH has implemented an energy management system for real estate management, cold store operations and fish processing and trading ...

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As an employer and provider of infrastructure for local businesses, FMH makes a particular contribution to local employment and the generation of added-value for the district and the city particularly in the commercial segment.

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Employees, customers and the district of Altona form the focus of FMH’s social responsibility. For us, the qualifications, well-being and security of our staff constitute the basis of sustainable activity. Active participation of the employee representatives goes hand in hand with personal communications within the company and a close co-operation with the parent company HHLA. With its small- and medium-size structures, the commercial and trade centre managed by FMH provides advice and transparency in the origin and processing of the foods traded there. The wide range of restaurants and eateries in this district together with cooking courses and seminars generate inspiration for culinary education. FMH supports projects such as the Fischinformationszentrum (FIZ) via the Federal Association of the German Fish Industry and Fish Wholesale. We nurture the culture and history of this district by reinforcing the fish industry and encouraging careful development aimed at vitalising it. In addition, FMH regularly supports the “altonale” cultural festival as well as local media in the district and the city and works with the Altona town archive.