Mission Statement

Fischmarkt Hamburg-Altona GmbH’s core mission is to organise its trading and commercial centre in the fishing harbour quarter to meet future requirements. In doing so, we seek to link the opportunities of the 21st century with the traditions of this site and the experience gained over the Company’s long history. Thus, the fishing industry, which decisively influences the immediate surroundings, is to be reinforced and, in conjunction with new businesses and restaurants which have settled here, contribute to establishing a unique district that

  • offers all the conditions for the commercial success of the businesses based there,
  • enriches the quality of urban life with a broad range of fish and delicacies as well as a special atmosphere and valuable experience,
  • maintains commercial employment and creates added value for Altona and the city of Hamburg.

To this end, FMH combines a wide range of real estate offerings with integrated technical services, certified processing and deep-freeze logistics as well as trading and resources management.

FMH derives prospects from its unique characteristics which include

  • the attractive location adjacent to the waterfront but still in the heart of one of Germany’s strongest economic regions,
  • the fascinating character of the district with its fishing tradition and careful yet innovative development,
  • various synergies derived from mutually beneficial utilisation concepts, extensive expertise and complementary services
  • the decades-proven handling of the ensemble of buildings in the interests of sustainable utilisation, affordable commercial space and development in line with contemporary requirements,
  • the identification, knowledge and openness of our staff.

Nowhere better is FMH’s philosophy reflected than in the ocean fish wholesale market, which continues to form the core of the district, acting as the interface between deliveries of fresh fish, imports, fishing operations, wholesale and retail sales. People know each other here, maintain close contacts and work hand in hand to ensure high-quality supplies.

In this sense, we define ourselves as an active force in the development of the banks of the River Elbe in Altona and as a partner to committed companies, institutions and people with ideas to enhance the quality of life.