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Fresh Fish Market Site

Clearer and more user-friendly: The website of the Fischmarkt Hamburg-Altona GmbH (FMH) has been freshly redesigned and delivers enhanced functionality.

The newly designed website shall help to find information about the company as well as the trading and commercial centre in the fishing harbour area faster and easier. Great emphasis was placed on intuitive navigation and simplified ways of contact in order to facilitate access to the wide range of services of FMH. "The website is the business card of our company. Therefore, we are pleased to present the services offered by FMH and many other interesting information now in a much more visible manner." said Matthias Funk, Managing Director of FMH. New categories, download offers, and a version for mobile devices provide additional added-value.
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Continuing the successful development of the fish market district
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Architectural competition for completion of "String of Pearls" concluded
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125 years of HHLA – an overview of the anniversary
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Final stone in the "String of Pearls"
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Fischmarkt Hamburg-Altona: 75 years of fresh fish
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