"Grand Nord" Cod

“Grand Nord” cod is one of the premium products offered by Fischmarkt Hamburg-Altona GmbH. This particularly high-quality and tasty cod lives in the waters off the coast of Northern Norway, a fact to which it owes its name: “Grand Nord” is French for “High North”. In order to ensure effortless traceability, each fish which is caught receives a seal specifying the name of the ship and the captain; at the same time, it acts as a quality certificate.

“Grand Nord” cod is only found in the cold clear waters off the northern Norwegian coasts and is caught solely using longlines. Only the best specimens meeting the “Grand Nord” quality requirements are accepted, thus ensuring a high standard of quality.

"Grand Nord" cod

We offer cod in the following sizes:

"Grand Nord" deheaded:
2–4 kg
4–6 kg
6 kg+

"Grand Nord" fillet with skin:
500 g+
1000 g+

"Grand Nord" loins with skin:
400 g+