The purchasing experts at Fischmarkt Hamburg-Altona maintain a high-quality assortment for their resident customers comprising fresh fish and exquisite seafood. Fresh deliveries of selected unprocessed product and fillets reach Altona several times a week. Long-standing personal contacts with renowned Northern European suppliers ensure swift communications, efficient joint activities and satisfied customers – even in the case of special requests.


With its rich stocks of fish, the Norwegian coast is home to some of our major suppliers. They guarantee first-class quality throughout the year: Fish such as redfish, saithe, cod, ling, haddock, halibut, monkfish, catfish, flounder and delicious scallops come from the clear waters of Norway.


FMH sources whole fish as well as fillet and loins ranges from Denmark. Saithe, redfish, cod, plaice, halibut and other fish fillets come directly from the Danish auctions for processing in certified operations. The fish is delivered, checked, portioned and made available for collection in Hamburg in the early morning of the following day.


The seas around Iceland are home to first-class fish such as redfish, saithe, cod, catfish and monkfish.


A wide assortment of fresh flat fish such as sole, turbot and plaice comes to Hamburg-Altona from the Netherlands. This range is supplemented with fish fillets and processed specialities.

Salmon and Salmon Fillet

In addition to whole salmon, we also source salmon fillets and loins from our North Sea partners Norway, Denmark, Scotland and Ireland.

Other fine Fish / Specialities

Needless to say, we will also be pleased to assist you in the procurement of other fine fish such as sea bream and sea bass, tuna loins and are also able to offer at short notice the whole range of seafood from shellfish to crustaceans such as oysters and lobsters.