Fish Processing

Fish processing at Fischmarkt Hamburg-Altona GmbH specialises in packaging and refinement services for all kinds of deep-frozen products.


Our operating permit granted by the European Union (DE-HH-00083-EG) and comprehensive certification (MSC, ASC, IFS and BIO) are your guarantee of optimised processing and quality assurance as well as transparent processes. The team at FMH has many years of experience and are highly qualified. At the same time, the modern equipment contributes to ensuring a high level of quality.

Our services are targeted at addressing customers’ requirements - flexible order execution and reliable deliveries are par for the course. With the close links between deep-freeze storage and processing at Fischmarkt Hamburg-Altona GmbH, we are able to offer our customers synergistic benefits and specialist services under a single roof.

Packaging Service

Packaging Service

FMH covers the full range of packaging services for deep-freeze products …

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